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Enigma 30g LIGHT

Enigma 30g LIGHT

Space Smoke
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Try cosmo energy! Classic taste of a refreshing energy drink. 

Tips for filling paste

Space Smoke hookah paste is universal, it can be used both as a stand-alone product and in a mix with tobacco. We have described a number of recommendations based on our own experience.

  • Paste hammering in solo

To prepare Space Smoke paste in its pure form, you need to take a Phunnel-shaped bowl (Phunnel), apply the paste in such a way that it remains not filled 1-2 mm to the upper edge of the central volcano. When mixing the paste with each other, apply it alternately around the perimeter, then take the base of the bowl with two palms and turn it to the left - to the right several times - this way the paste will smoothly mix and settle evenly.

  • Paste stuffing mixed with tobacco

There are 3 options for making pasta mixed with tobacco:
1 - You can put the pasta on top of the tobacco, leaving space for the foil or Kaloud.
2- You can mix with the tobacco and cook in a Phunnel-style bowl.
3 - You can put the paste on the inner (working) walls of the bowl and hammer the tobacco on top.

  • General recommendations

It is not recommended to score in touch and overpack. Heat resistance of Space Smoke is high. The paste easily restores flavor by blowing and cooling the bowl. We recommend using 25 mm charcoal. To warm up the bowl on the Kalauda - 4 coals, there are also 4 coals on the foil. Cover the bowl with a special cap and leave to warm for 5-8 minutes. Leave 2, 3, or 4 coals if you prefer to smoke.